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Update: Vindale closed in 2021.

Vindale Is one of the older “get paid to” sites. It was first launched back in 2005, initially allowing people to earn money online by signing up for free trials of various products or services and providing feedback. The site has changed significantly over the years, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better.

Since being acquired by Reimagine Holding Group in early 2018 Vindale has transitioned into a more typical paid survey panel. The new owners of the site have a great deal of experience operating online survey sites, as they also own OneOpinion, LiveSample, and other similar sites.

The signup process for this site is simple and straightforward. It only requests your name, address, email address, and a password. After that you must check your email account for an email from Vindale to verify that it’s a valid email address.

In order to start participating in surveys you will need to go through their very short paid survey tutorial. The tutorial is more helpful than what some other survey sites provide, but isn’t the best. This tutorial includes just a few short paragraphs of information about completing surveys followed by a short profile questionnaire. Upon completion of the questionnaire you’ll be entered into a paid survey and will be awarded $1.00 in earnings at the end.

After completing the tutorial additional surveys can be accessed by clicking the “Studies” link at the top of the page. The survey list will include a few survey options which can be completed multiple times each day, as well as several individual surveys which can only be completed once. Generally speaking, the individual surveys will have higher payouts, usually over $1.00 per survey. However, those surveys also tend to be harder to qualify for.

Invitations to participate in paid surveys are also emailed whenever a new survey becomes available. Since several new surveys become available each day it can be annoying to deal with the flood of invites. It’s a good idea to go into the email settings and opt out of the “Surveys” emails. The “Opinion Polls” and “Member News” emails are sent out much less frequently and are more useful.

At this time the other options to earn money on Vindale’s website are pretty limited. The “Panels” link at the top of the page simply provides a list of other sites you might try, but you don’t earn a reward for trying those. The “Jobs” link may be useful in some larger cities, but if you live in a midsize or smaller city there may only be one or two jobs listed at a time, if any are listed at all. The “Referrals” link gives you the option to make money online by referring other people to signup for the site. The referral program pays $5 for each person who signs up using your link and earns at least $1.00 by completing paid surveys, not including the tutorial. The “Reward Codes” section provides an option to earn by following Vindale’s activity on social media. There is also a “Paid Offers (new)” section listed in the main menu (upper right-hand corner of the page). The selection in this section is currently pretty limited, but may include opportunities to earn money by trying out various products, services or websites.

One downside of this site is the high $50 minimum for payment, since most sites will have options available to receive payments in the $5 to $20 range. Additionally, payments are only issued in $50 increments. So if you have $75 in earnings when you request a payment, $50 will be paid to you and $25 will remain in your Vindale account. Payments are available through PayPal or by paper check, sent in the mail. In some cases it may be necessary to receive the first payment by check so that Vindale can validate the accuracy of the address you’ve provided.

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