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E-Poll is a smaller online survey panel which was established all the way back in 1997. They’ve got a long track record and a positive reputation. The site provides an experience which is unique in a number of ways compared to other online survey services.

The signup process for E-Poll is a little longer than usual for other paid survey services due to the fact that they collect some demographic information which is typically requested at a later time on other survey sites.

After providing the information required to complete your account registration you must confirm your email address. It seems to be somewhat common for their emails to be mislabeled as spam. So if you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox after a few minutes you should be sure to check your spam folder.

Once you confirm your email address by clicking the link provided in the first email you’ll be given the option to access your first survey for 100 points and an entry into a drawing for $250. This is a fairly short survey with some additional demographic questions and questions regarding TV viewing habits.

After that it is necessary to wait for additional surveys to be sent to you by email. This is different from most other online survey services, which typically provide large lists of surveys on their websites. So if the first email to confirm your account went to spam it is very important to add ePoll to your contact list or spam whitelist. The paid survey opportunities may be slow in arriving at first, so if they are going to spam it could be easy to forget about even signing up for the site after a while.

Completing at least one survey each month provides an entry into their monthly drawing. Each month there is a drawing with 50 different winners being awarded a $20 prize. So even if you don’t do a lot of surveys on the site, it’s a good idea to do at least one paid survey each month.

E-Poll is planning to provide an option in the future to have new survey notices sent by text message. This could be an issue with other sites which offer several or dozens of new surveys every day. Since this site has a more limited number of paid survey opportunities the messages aren’t likely to be overwhelming for most people. It should be a helpful way to stay on top of new opportunities.

They are also planning to add an option in the future to refer people to the site as an additional way to make money online. At this time no additional details are available about the planned referral program.

One sort of confusing thing about the program is that the points earned by completing surveys don’t have a fixed value. The lowest payout threshold is $5 for 3,750 points (750 points per dollar), but the highest payout option is $30 for 18,750 points (625 points per dollar). So if you have the patience to save up for the $30 payouts that will maximize your earnings. With survey payouts typically in the 500 – 1000 point range, that means they are typically worth about $0.70 to $1.60 per survey.

The payment options for the site are a little limited, with only a handful of gift cards or Paypal payments to choose from. One pretty unique feature of the program, though, is the option to directly donate your earnings to a handful of different charities. Payments can be requested any time after you’ve earned enough points, but can require 4 – 6 weeks to be issued after being requested.

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