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Updated by Krista Seville on August 28th, 2022
QuickRewards is an long-running program where members earn points, or "Quick Points". With a variety of ways to earn and no minimum for PayPal cashouts, it's a great option for anyone who wants to earn a few bucks and get paid quickly.
The Highlights
No minimums for PayPal cashouts
A wide variety of ways to earn
Transparent and responsive owners
Site can be difficult to navigate
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A Quick Way To Get Rewarded

QuickRewards–It’s in the name. QuickRewards is a straight-forward rewards site that shares many features with other rewards sites, but differentiates itself from the competition by offering speedy PayPal cashouts.

Ways to Earn

A Long List of Paid Activities

QuickRewards is an aggregator of paid tasks, which means you won’t find many ways of earning points that are unique to them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, because they spend all their time finding and adding new ways to earn. Here’s a rundown on the main ways.

A wide-range of Paid Surveys
A wide-range of Paid Surveys

QuickRewards has partnered with all the major third-party survey routers, meaning there’s never a shortage of surveys for you to take. The challenge, as with any survey site, is finding surveys that are worth your time.

  • Surveys that pay $0.50 or more are probably worth doing, but you’ll also want to check the average completion time.
  • Ensure your profile is completed before you take the paid surveys–often times they depend on your demographic data for screening purposes.
  • While you will be screened out of surveys where you aren’t a good fit, you’ll still earn one point per minute you’re active on a survey.

Watching Videos

It’s also possible to earn points at QuickRewards by watching videos. This can be done from the “Watch Videos” section of the site.

After clicking through, you’ll see a list of videos you can watch, as well as the amount of points each video pays. Sometimes, you’ll be required to watch a few videos to receive the reward. Points from paid videos are typically credited to your account in a few hours.

Clicking Websites

Certainly the easiest way to earn points with QuickRewards is by clicking through to websites. There’s a section called “Clicks” that you can access from the homepage.

From there, you’ll be taken to a list of websites you can click to. As long as you spend 30 seconds or more on the page you click, you’ll receive points–usually 50 or so. They don’t pay much but hey–it’s quick and easy.

Completing Offers

As previously mentioned, QuickRewards focuses on working with as many partners as possible to bring you paid tasks. Their long list of “offer walls” is no different. They work with every major offer wall provider to bring you a nice selection of offers you can complete in return for points.

If you’re unfamiliar with offer walls, they are websites that provide a list of offers you can complete in return for points. The amount of points you’re paid will be determined by the offer you choose. In some cases, you may have to sign up for a free trial, download an app, or join a free service to get your points.

If you’re careful to select offers that have real value to you, these can be a great way to earn points.

Playing Games

Play games, earn points.
Play games, earn points.

There is one place that QuickRewards provides their own in-house way of earnings points, and that’s through playing games. They do partner with other companies that reward you with 10-30 points when you play their free games, but they also offer their own Daily Trivia game that offers 50 points for a right answer.

Additionally, there’s a “Spin The Wheel” game that you can play daily and earn up to $1.00 in free points. Note, however, that in order to participate in this game you must be active in other areas of the site.

How You’re Paid

Fast Payments By PayPal

Getting paid is where QuickRewards shines, and it’s easy to see why. There is no minimum cashout amount and no waiting period (though they do ask that you limit cashout requests to two a day).

Before your first payment is sent, you may be required to help them confirm your identity. This is a simple anti-fraud measure that’s a very good thing–without the ability to combat fraud, QuickRewards certainly could not offer this service. So bad news for the fraudsters, good news for you.


Well-Regarded Owners With A Long History

Started in 2002, QuickRewards is undoubtably one of the longest running online rewards programs in history. It may not be the biggest or the flashiest, but users report that you’ll get a personal response from the owner or someone on their team the majority of the time you have an issue. That says a lot.

As for their ratings on “the big three”, they back up these user accounts:

3.9/5 on Trustpilot
4/5 on Sitejabber
A+ on BBB

Final Analysis

A Low-Key Program With Great Upside

QuickRewards isn’t perfect. Their website’s UI is lacking and can sometimes be difficult to navigate, and they don’t have many offers or opportunities that are exclusive to them.

But, over the past 20 years they’ve learned there is real value in bringing as many earning opportunities to their members as possible. And making it quick and easy to cashout is perhaps the most important feature any rewards site could have.

Overall, while QuickRewards may be less accessible to users brand new to the consumer rewards space, we'd highly recommend QuickRewards to users with a little experience under their belt.

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