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Announcements in Forum : Payments Discussion

03-21-2008 until 04-21-2021
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Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

Our goal is to keep the forum a friendly place, where all members can feel free to ask questions and discuss CashCrate. These rules are here to protect you and keep this forum a great place to hang out. If there are any comments or concerns regarding these rules, please don't hesitate to message a forum moderator or admin.

Before posting, please note the following rules:

- Members are allowed to create only one forum account.

- Being rude to other members and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Do not harass other members or insult them in any way, shape, or form. If you have an issue, please send a message to a Moderator or an Admin.

- The Moderators are here to help you! Please be respectful and we will be fair. If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us via PM.

- Our advertisers are vital to the success of our site and your success as a member. Any discussion of methods to defraud advertisers is strictly forbidden. This includes discussion of providing false or misleading information, auto-fillers, ways to avoid advertiser phone calls or emails, canceling offers, etc.

- Posting links to competitor sites, referral links for other sites, affiliate links, spamming, etc. is not allowed. This also includes spamming via Private Messages.

- Signatures may contain your CashCrate referral link, a CashCrate banner, or a link to your blog or site if it is dedicated to CashCrate. Links to competitor sites are not allowed: This also includes links for personal blogs and websites that contain links to competitor sites.

- Signature Size: The maximum height of a signature may be no more than one standard size banner (either the static CashCrate banner or the Earnings banner) and 4 lines of normal size text. And signatures may contain only one banner/image. Signatures exceeding the height limit will be edited or removed.

- CashCrate does not allow profanity on the forums.

- All pending offer/survey posts should be placed in the Pending Offers/Surveys thread. If you are having trouble getting an offer to go through, send a support ticket via the Members Area. More general questions concerning pending offers are also answered here: http://forums.cashcrate.com/showthread.php?t=9400.

- Please do not post about missing payments. In general you should allow approximately 30 days after the end of the month for your check to arrive. If it hasn't arrived by then, contact support via the Members Area.

If you are found breaking one of these rules, you will be issued a warning. A second warning will be given along with a temporary ban from the forum. Should it arise a third time (and we hope it never does), a permanent forum ban will be issued. Serious offenses may result in a ban without warning.

Note: Creating a forum account for the sole purpose of spamming will result in a permanent ban.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!

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